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Project Overview

Project White paper for Dfolio


Dfolio is a decentralised and permissionless data network to build & import credentials onto Web3 so that concerned users can start contributing to Web3 tasks and bounties
Dfolio helps individuals, credential orgs import their Web2 credentials and pull their existing on-chain Web3 credentials onto a single Web 3 profile, which acts like an on-chain resume.
With the credential network providing the foundation for the skill blocks for talent, we are building the talent platform (complete Onboarding-Matching-Settlement value chain) for Web3
Dfolio - Onboard & contribute to Web3 tasks 10X faster


We are building the credential layer for Web3 that will help existing Web2 and crypto native users alike to on-board & contribute 10x faster to bounties offered by Web3 projects and DAOs.
We aim to achieve our mission through the 3 key pillars of our product + community:
  • Building credential data network which help them to create on chain verifiable resume by anyone in Web3. This will lead 10X faster on-boarding, 10X reduce lead time for talent to job matching & creating 10X good pipeline of talent pools for DAOs.
  • Matching of talent to bounties, based on on-chain/off-chain from contributors, skills of the tasks
  • DAO project management tool to list open bounties as well as closed bounties (which is like campaign management and token-gated tool to attract specific contributors)

Problem we are trying to solve

User credentials in Web2 are owned & monetised by the Apps without sharing any of the upside with their users.
Empowering users to build, import & monetise credentials was a key problem that Dfolio started exploring and building the solution on the Web3/blockchain was but natural.
With Dfolio, we wanted to solve this problem in order to:
  1. 1.
    Enable users to own and monetise their credentials
  2. 2.
    Disrupt around existing equivalent rent-seeking talent matching Web2 platforms that have high extractive rates (20%-40%)
  3. 3.
    Build the talent flow to DAOs especially with the explosion in DAOs and Web3 projects, 8.8X growth rate over last year and expected to reach 250K+ DAOs by 2025
  4. 4.
    Pull-based task-matching & discovery vs. existing alternative of very search and push-heavy way of discovering tasks by being part of multiple discords, telegram groups, twitter handles and websites etc.

Project Details: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible: